Genevieve Daugherty LMT 21369

An Alumni of MSTM, HI

A little about your massage therapist:

Genevieve Daugherty

LMT 21369 

An alumni of the Maui School for Therapeutic Massage, I have been offering my licensed services in Oregon for over a year now.  I have worked in a day spa, with many different types of people and needs. What I have found is that the personal connection is just as important as the physical experience, in fact they are symbiotic with each other. 

Prior to Massage Therapy, I have years experience in Estethics and also in the health care setting as a Caregiver. One-on-one is the appeal and where I shine.

Eventually, I would like to be in a medical environment once again, as well as offer out of my own studio.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my website and I will be reading through your emails to book new clients in the near future. 

In Care,

ps. Once we are established we can be in contact as needed via phone calls.  

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